A lookup( wizard for Panorama X


That file is now on the Panorama Database Exchange and can be downloaded from there. Use the Help menu and select Panorama Database Exchange from that menu. You will find the LookupWizard listed in the left scrolling panel where you can select it and then download it by clicking the Download button at the top.


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As a non-programer P6 user returning to Panorama after an interval, I must admit I’m amazed such a crucial element as the Lookup dialog is missing from PX. It was the main functionality I used to use all the time; now I’m going to have to slow down and use workarounds. If I’d realised this, I’m frankly not sure I’d have embarked on the PX journey.


Obviously you have not found Michael Kellock’s replacement for the Lookup Wizard in the Panorama X Database Exchange. You find the database Exchange in the Help menu.


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I don’t know the status of Michael’s file, but as of Panorama X 10.1, a Relational Workshop is included in Panorama itself, no need to download a separate file.


I just downloaded my file but yours is better. You can take mine down now.